It’s an exiting thing, starting and building a company from scratch!

When I started a gift packaging company in 2007, I had no intention of doing everything myself, but i also knew that if i wanted each and every position (or as I like to call them “desks”) did exactly what was needed to become a well oiled part of my overall machine, I had to set down very clear procedures to follow, lingo to use, and over all, structure.  Once a company grows beyond the initial two to three people, everyone must know exactly what is their position, their responsibility and the space they are allowed to move in.

and and as the company grew, i withdrew myself more and more from the day to day administration.  Soon I found the company could run completely without my interaction, the perfect way to do it.  BUT it would never have been good or profitable if I did not treat it with extreme care and had each and every desk in the company running to exactly the specification i set it out to do.